Online Training Ideas

The Child Abuse and Children with Disability website provides many “open source” pages and links that can be infused into various types of online training which can enhance materials related to disabilities and abuse. The suggestions below detail some possible ways to do this with the majority being “open source” requiring no LOGON. Expanded options within the Training Tools section which may require a FREE LOGON.


1. Disability and Child Abuse Resource. Include in any session or program involving information on child abuse intervention/prevention the website link for the Disability and Child Abuse site. You can also mention that there is a downloadable App for basic information and Training Tools provides a more expansive explanation of available materials.

2. Basic Issues-Children with Disabilities. Include in any session or program involving information on child abuse intervention/prevention a module on children with disabilities. The Featured Resources section on the Disability and Child Abuse site provides materials that could be used:

          + World of Disabilities – Article (PDF, audio (11:56))
          + Vulnerabilities to Consider in Working with Children Disabilities”– (PP, audio (8:32))
          + Selected Journal Articles – Choose 1-2 articles to include from the listing
          + Additional Resources and Links – Choose KEY links to review

3. Case Study. Many training sessions on child abuse intervention includes a case example with opportunities for discussion by participants. Choose a case that involves a child, young person with a disability in your sessions. The Disability and Child Abuse website provides materials that could be used for that discussion. Suggestions:

          + Go to the Disability and Child Abuse Interview link and choose one of the groups.
          + Print out Points to Consider page (e.g. ASD) for one of those groups.
          + Create a Discussion or Blog platform for participants to discuss possible accommodations,
                   interview process/challenges that might be important to consider for this case.
          + Go to Training Tools on the website and use one of the *Selected Cases for your training session
                   which provides a series of questions to consider for such a case.
                    (*Note: LOGON is required to access this particulat section on the website.)

4. Issues of Concern. In many types of training sessions in the area of child abuse there are opportunities to include segments that might be referred to as “Hot Topics” or “Emerging Questions” in a specific area. On the website is included a section called: “Issues of Concern” which relate to children with disabilities. Choose one of these identified issues and add this onto a discussion segment especially related to this more vulnerable group of children/adults.


Here is the general OVERVIEW of possible training topics.