Disability Assessment

Preparation is needed prior to any child abuse interview for all children in order to ensure quality, productive and positive interview experiences. It is even more important to prepare if the child involved is someone with a disability as additional considerations may be needed for a successful interview process. Materials presented here can be used as a way to get the conversation started on the issues and concerns related to disabilities. Handout materials include 10 questionsTesting Disability Knowledge - for distribution and discussion along with an ANSWER sheet. A short PowerPoint video is also provided for online work.

Testing Disability Knowledge -10 Questions

These are the 10 questions written to test Disability Knowledge in a general way presented in a multiple choice format.

Testing Disability Knowledge Complete2015

Testing Disability Knowledge Online Resource

For use possibly in Online Training, this is a short (11 min) video presentation of the 10 Questions and Answers for the "Testing Disability Knowledge" activity.