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The Center for Child and Adult Development

The purpose of the Center for Child and Adult Development is to support innovative projects that promote optimal human development for everyone with special emphasis on urban education. The Center brings together educators, parents and community stakeholders to improve the well-being of youth in schools and their families. Please see our current activities and all Projects on our site.  The Center operates under the auspices of the department of School Psychology, Counseling and Leadership in the School of Education.

Contact Us:   Professor Alberto M. Bursztyn    P: 718.951.5876

Interviewing Children and Youth with Disabilities Project

Various types of professional development and formal credit options (e.g. Professional Development Hours, 1- credit, etc.) are available through the Center for Child and Adult Development at Brooklyn College, CUNY. The content is based on this website with a focus on suggested strategies and supports for Interviewing Children and Youth across Disabilities.   If you are interested in this more formal option please respond to this short survey in order to be included in upcoming outreach.

Contact the Brooklyn College Center for Child and Adult Development for more information.