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Communication Devices

Communication Devices

Given the characteristics and nature of the disability itself, it is sometimes impossible for a person to be able to speak or communicate a message without the use of an assistive, alternative, augmentative communication device or board. View some of the devices that are available. There are many more under development. (2:53)

DisabilityWebAppUpdate 2015 Jan2

Introduction to Website and App

Sometimes it is helpful to provide a short, more detailed explanation of a website on an important topic if that link provides access to expanded information or resources. A short (14 min) introductory video is available related to the Abuse and Disability website and APP and what they contain. It can be viewed and downloaded on Featured Resources. A widget is also available that can be embedded on a website that directs viewers directly to the site.  Check out Training Tools for additional information including available handouts.

Selected Journal Articles

This document lists 105 peer reviewed articles that have been selected by the Project team (2010-2017) in targeted areas of interest (e.g. child maltreatment in all forms related to disabilities, bullying and disabilities, etc.). The full article citation and short annotation is also provided. Check Training Tools information for further details on full access to some (*) selected articles.  Download Selected Journal Articles

State Disability Resources

This document contains selected current (5/20/17) disability resources in each of the 50 states. There are general resources listed along with links for specific disability groups (e.g. autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, etc.). Important to note that disability resources continue to expand nationally and globally. Those listed can provide initial starts – not endings to learning more about what is available locally. Download State Disability Resources

The Challenge of Children with Special Health Care Needs: Part I

The Challenge of Children with Special Health Care Needs - Medical Concerns I

This is a PP and audio interview with Dr. Jack Levine exploring the medical issues related to children with disabilities. The discussion is divided into two sections and discusses health concerns, psycho-social and family issues from a medical perspective. (40 min)

The Challenge of Children with Special Health Care Needs: Part II

The Challenge of Children with Special Health Care Needs - Medical Concerns II

Issues of Vulnerability featuring Michael M. Crocker, DSW, LCSW

Vulnerabilities to Consider in Working with Children with Disabilities

Michael Crocker, DSW, LCSW has been involved in working with children, adolescents and adults for more than 20 years in many organizations. He is a trained psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker with specialties in disabilities, trauma and sexuality related disorders, providing both individual and group work as well as organizational training and development This segment is an overview of issues he considers important to consider when encountering individuals with disabilities. (8:32)

World of Disabilities

The World of Disabilities (2010) by Christine E. Pawelski, EdD This is a short article which briefly sets the “tone” for intervening with children with disabilities – where to start. Easy read with downloadable PDF available (11:56)