Issues of Concern

First Responders

Throughout the U.S. there are many groups that have been developing resource materials on disabilities for First Responders in terms of emergency situations and disasters (i.e. Preparedness of police, fire, EMS responses to crime and/or disaster victims with disabilities). Although many of these resources are not used directly for First Responders in terms of cases of child abuse involving children with disabilities, they can provide great suggestions to follow. They can also provide very useful overviews related to disabilities that can be enhanced, adapted for individual states or units when considering the first response to child abuse by many multidisciplinary professionals (e.g. child protective workers, social workers, CAC staff, etc.). Some of these projects also include training onsite and/or the purchase of DVDs or other resource manuals. It is well worth checking them out since many of the materials are also FREE given various kinds of state/federal support.

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