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Child Advocacy Center

The development of child advocacy centers has grown tremendously since 1987 when professionals like Bud Cramer and others sought to provide communities with coordinated investigations and intervention services utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach to child abuse cases in order to ensure that children are not revictimized by the very systems designed to protect them. There are some 770 child advocacy centers throughout the country that continue to refine the procedures and support needed, especially involving children who are more vulnerable (i.e. children with disabilities, multi-language, single families or recent work involving children who are homeless). It is well worth checking out a local CAC to see if they have in place specialists who are more familiar with special populations. Many have incorporated local “Disability Task Forces” into their centers who can provide needed additional support. The following CAC initiatives have yielded positive results related to disability concerns.

Some of the resources and information below were developed over a period of years at the Butler Child Advocacy Center, Bronx, NY as a result of a project (i.e. Moving Mountains) funded by the Lowenstein Foundation. Listen to these short descriptions along with checking out the PDFs below for more details. For more information contact: Dr. Christine E. Pawelski, Project Director.

Enhancing the Support of Children with Disabilities: What can a CAC do?

Considerations BEFORE the child arrives (5:00)



When you MEET the child for the first time (4:35)





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