Issues of Concern

Issues of Concern

The world of disabilities continues to evolve as new knowledge and greater understanding of cognitive, social and behavioral functioning emerges through research, policy and practice involving multidisciplinary teams on many levels. It is important to consider some of these areas as one investigates and intervenes in child abuse cases with special populations as they can sometimes shed light or perspective on what has occurred, and how to engage in “next steps”.

 The three areas that have been identified as current “issues of concern” have been evolving over a number of years and continue to shed light and sometimes even support in more effectively handling child abuse as related to children with disabilities. Take time to consider these particular topics as they might provide additional resources for your own work or assistance to the families or individuals themselves. This is not to say that they are the ONLY “hot topics” in this area. They are merely the ones this Project Team identified as providing not only clarity in certain areas, but assistance as well.

As 2018 dawns critical issues involving sexual assault and harassment have also emerged nationally brought to light by many women without disabilities who never spoke about this trauma they endured for career or personal reasons overtime.  Women with disabilities in these older age groups are not immune from this abuse, especially given limited “voice” or acceptance within societies.  In the future, more needs to be done on all these fronts as it is a critical issue for these times as a recent (January 8, 2018) WNYC Radio Interview highlights.

The Sexual Assault Epidemic No One Talks About
January 8, 2018  * Heard on All Things Considered with Joseph Shapiro

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